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FinFactor NV is an investment firm with a license from the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). The legal office is located at 2000 Antwerp, Leysstraat 11 box 3.02, registered under the company number BE0665.755.243.

FinFactor NV attempts to keep the information on this website as accurate as possible. Although we always strife to provide correct and complete information, imperfections due to human error or information systems cannot be excluded. Except in the case of intention or a serious error,

FinFactor NV cannot be held accountable for erroneous or incomplete information nor for an incorrect interpretation of the content.

All information presented on this website is only of informative nature. No rights can be exercised on the basis of the provided information nor can it be seen as an offer of investment services or investment advice.

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You can always contact info@finfactor.be for further questions.