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Our services

Our investment policy is aimed at providing you with the best possible advice and asset management so as to achieve your investment objectives, taking into account your financial capacity, knowledge and experience. In order to achieve this objective, our investment policy is based on the principles of independence, open architecture and common sense.

Advisory Management

We give you advice, but you remain in control.

In addition, we gladly examine and discuss your ideas.

We mutually agree on a customised portfolio with your personal FinFactor. This portfolio will enable you to realise your financial objectives and provide you with the necessary peace of mind thanks to its high degree of involvement.

Discretionary Management

You entrust the management of your portfolio within clearly defined lines to us.

It is our responsibility to protect your assets and avoid any imprudent risk-taking.  Furthermore, our model-based management ensures that we do not make any emotional decisions, but always stay on the right course.

Since we attach importance to keeping you informed of the performance of your assets, we will regularly discuss the markets and your portfolio with you.

Your step-by-step plan

Contact us


On our contact webpage you can find the Wealth Officer nearest to you.  Call or email them for an obligation-free consultation.

Tell your story


Share your experiences, wishes and expectations.  We will listen attentively!

Select the most appropriate solution


Together, we will determine your risk profile and analyse your current situation.  On this basis, we will propose several solutions.

Mutual consultation


Together, we will regularly assess your assets as well as the composition of your portfolio.